These are multiple spindle units for drilling wood and light metal with a pattern of holes in a single stroke. We offer two different types of gearing systems depending on the torque requirements. All heads are rated up to 3450 RPM with a 24/7 duty cycle and carry a full one (1) year warranty. Standard heads are for applications having spindle spacings of 3/4" and larger. We also offer special heads with spindle spacings of less than 3/4". Light metal drilling heads are rated for drilling steel up to 1/8" thick. Spindle configurations range from the woodworking industry standard 7/16-14 screw-in bits to spindles reamed to hold straight shank tools and special collet retention systems for straight shank tooling from small wire sizes to 3/8" diameter. Special heads are available to accommodate large boring bits and hole saws. Heads can be configured to match a wide variety of drive inputs and drilling machine requirements. We also supply complete automotive grade 3PH electric drilling modules with pneumatic stroke including controls for automation.

Our precision gear cases are manufactured on CNC machinery from aircraft grade aluminum for reasons of weight and heat dissipation. The specialty gear elements are cut directly into the shock resistant steel spindles which are subsequently heat treated and ground to the close tolerances required for accurate bearing fits. All spindle side loads are carried in precision needle bearings and the axial loading is carried in ball thrust bearings for loads to 1750#. Spindle spacings are controlled to .0006" (.013MM) with a dynamic runout, at the tool, of .003" (.076MM). Dowels and long tension bolts secure the cases and allow for normal thermal growth during operation. Special lubricants have been developed and tested to assure the desired film lubrication of gear faces and long bearing life. Long life shaft seals assure that no contaminates enter the head. ZERO maintenance is required.

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